Dreamlike: these finely wrought fantasies bring beauty to the eye of the beholder. Layers of exquisite painting and photography; and the grace and majesty of the models combine to make these images timeless and a reflection of the scintillating pulse of the spiritual avant-garde. Natasha Von – an explosive, creative visionary – fuses traditional painting techniques with psychedelic, mind altering imagery and a sophisticated mastery of photography and digitalization. Her works can be found in art galleries, museums and the private collections of large corporations, as well as well known artists and celebrities*. Her work has been featured on HBO, and in various books and publications such as the Return of the Tribal as a pioneer in Body Arts.

Natasha’s use of new materials extends the appeal of these fine artworks into a very contemporary direction. Larger works are being introduced for the first time on the internet, available for the discerning collector. These luminous triptychs, 3 by 6 feet bring a dramatic beauty to any home. Smaller works are being offered in a limited edition for the young collector as well. A miniature series of prints on wood can be purchased as individual works or collected to be hung in ever expanding groupings – like an evolving grid as the collection grows.

Miss Von brings a refined artistic vision and craftsmanship into a marriage with the most ancient tribal art of body adornment. The sophistication of contemporary urban technology merged with the vision of a mystic and the talent of an exceptional artist make these exquisite works an inspiration in any collection.

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* such as ITT International, Diana Ross, Gordon Lightfoot, Herbie Hancock, Taj Mahal, and Lennie Kravitz



All Images Copyright © 2000-2005 Natasha Von Rosenschilde